After purchasing a camera on their online website, I received an email that stated, "In Order to Further Verify your order we will need to speak with you on the phone." So, I called their phone number and spoke to "Allan." Allan told me that he had to verify my purchase on the phone, since it was over $300. I should have realized how sketchy this company was at that point.

Then, he asked me where I found their website and why I didn't purchase the extended camera warranty and extra battery. He told me that there was a special deal that just finished up this past week and that he would extend the offer to me. For this deal, I would get 50% off batteries and free shipping and handling. The strange thing is that the website already offered me free shipping and handling.

Then, he told me that the battery that came with the camera would only last 20-30 minutes and that I would really need to get at least the 2 hour or 5 hour battery. He said that Olympus did not include long-lasting batteries, since they were already loosing money with the camera. At first, he offered me the 5 hour battery with an extended 1-year warranty for parts and labor, but then he told me that I could get two 5-hour batteries and the 1-year warranty for just around $100. At first, I thought it was a great deal and so I said ok.

Then he said that there would be an insurance fee. He said that he would email me an invoice and that the order should be at my home in a few days. I was billed that day, but never received any sort of invoice documenting my purchase.

The following business day, I called Allan to cancel this order and he said that I could cancel the order, but I would still have to pay the insurance fee.

Review about: Daxmart Deal.

Monetary Loss: $400.

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