I was referred to DaxMart from Google Shopping as the lowest price on a Nikon digital camera. I received a phone call and email inidicating they need to confirm something on the order and it was important that I contact them right away. When I called, they said that my camera only comes with a battery that lasts 20 minutes and that for a fee, they could sell me a real battery for a discount. When I said I would check it out and call them back, they said that I would not get the same deal.

In reality, the battery that comes from the factory is not based on minutes but rather photos and is one of the best in its class. I have since tried to cancel the order and am hoping for a easy exit.

Next time I will go with a familliar name.


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Im interested in buy the Canon 5d mark 3 with 24/105mm f/4l is lens for 1,899.00 after discount are they safe to buy from ? Please respond to : Terp62@myself.com

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Daxmart just tried to do the same thing with me.

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i'm trying to by a the canon 5d mark2 should get it from them or no


I actually purchased a Canon 7d from them back in mid 2011 - i received the camera, paid significantly lower price than anywhere else, the camera was all new and sealed and I still use it today.

I remember that i still initially got the phone call from them about the battery. I dont remember the details but i did in fact get into a bit of an argument with them. I think i did get the extra battery (but for only something around $25) but then it was never sent to me with the camera. I contacted them several times, had trouble getting a clear answer and as soon as I posted a negative review of them online they contacted me offering to refund me the amount for the battery they never sent, which they did. Somehow, 2 weeks later, they also ended up sending me the battery... so in the end the extra battery was free.

I am now looking to upgrade to a 5dM3 and considering daxmart again since it's almost a $1000 cheaper than elsewhere. It's tempting but hearing so many people's horror stories I also wonder if i somehow just got lucky last time... eeek, not sure...


I bought a camera through Daxmart.I was given the price of 449.99.

The website had the price as well as my email confirmation and my order status posted on their website. I received a call from "alan" 5 days after the online purchase from Daxmart telling me to buy a different battery for my camera. He said my Sony camera only came with a 20 minute battery BUT he could sell me an hour battery for 89.99. I said no but thanks anyway.

He said he would just give me the other battery for free. He then stated a new amount of purchase and hung up the phone before I could dispute it. When I called back they closed their office. I called back the following day and the same guy said that I had agreed to pay the new amount.

He said he would just cancel my order. He then hung up the phone before I could answer. I have been checking my bank account and I was still charged 489.99. I called and asked when I will be refunded my amount and he said in two weeks.

He said the sales department can take out whatever money they want to take out from my account if they want to. He said he is charging me addition fee of 29.99 for insurance. I never even received a confirmation number. My camera was never shipped out or processed.

I filed a police report. I recommend you guys filing a complaint on ic3.gov.

I received an email a week ago saying I would be refunded in 24 to 48 hours.I contacted the company and they told me I would have to file a chargeback.


Will someone that has received product from this dealer please post their address. Thanks.


Hi, I got the same upsale, but I was tired and the camera was still going to be cheaper than anywhere else, so I just went with it.I did receive the camera and it's all sealed in original packaging (I think).

The extended warranty that I got, however, was for a value far less than the base price of the camera and does not include the promised accident protection.

I've been trying to contact them to resolve this, but haven't had any luck.I hate this guy as much as the rest of you, but it was still cheaper than anywhere else.


I just got the exact same call as everyone else here -- tried to sell me a battery, a warranty, a "premium" kit, AND tried to charge me $67 for insurance on a $450 purchase!Needless to say I cancelled the order.

I found these guys thru Google.I wish I'd found this site before I ordered...


Yes they are still doing the battery scam. They only wanted 100 bucks more for 2 five hour batteries rather than the standard 20 min battery! Olympus only sells one battery for this camera and it is 35 bucks on their site!


I encountered the same battery scam with my order.They claimed the camera was an "OEM" camera and came with a short-life battery.

They offered to sell me the "retail" camera for $50 more. Of course, their website does not mention anything about the camera having a small capacity battery.

It also only lists the a single version of the camera (no OEM and retail versions).This is clearly a fraudulent bait-and-switch operation.

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