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I ordered a camera on Weds before I ordered I called to see if the camera was in fact new the guy said yes but now I am skeptical. I started to get suspicious after I got an email saying processing was 3-5 days shipping 10-12.

On the website it says ships in 1-2 days. Also that the order was subject to cancellation due to pricing or stock issues. I found many complaints about them and really started to get worried. It is Sat, I called to check on my order (closed) and they still hadn't confirmed my order or charged my card and thank goodness for that!

I cancelled my card and sent them an email telling them not to bother running it that I cancelled the order and my credit card. Lesson learned though I will research when I'm buying something pricey from now on and will spend the extra $20-$40 and buy from a reputable company.

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Okay, so 15 days after I placed the order a guys calls me about it I told him I cancelled it, he said okay, well your card wont be charged. Ya, no dugh cuz I cancelled it! Glad thats over!!!


Update-11 days later Daxmart emailed me and said they could not process my order til I contact via phone. I tried to reply to email but message could not be sent.

Today is a whopping 12 days later and they sent me the same email. I thought about calling to give them a piece of my mind but I think I'll find it much more rewarding to see how many more *** emails they send since they have screwed so many people why would I be so courteous to tell them to eff off? 12 days later? Jeez according to them I should have got my camera by now.

Thank you Amazon for I have quite enjoyed my camera for almost a week now. sheesh and it was only $36 more!!!!!!


Oh that sucks! Sorry to hear that.

I still have not received any emails or anything from them since I cancelled my order. They probably are setting up shop again using a different name....


You're lucky, they sent me a defective camera and won't accept my return via Fedex, shady I keep calling and it says they are closed

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