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I went into this knowing their reputation. Purchased a camera, suffered through the rude attempt to up sale me with a battery pack.

Refusing this, the 'In Stock' camera became a 4 week back order. Took about 2 weeks for delivery and was billed only $10 over the original invoice. Like I said, "Buyer Beware".

OK, additional verbiage is required for this post. I guess succinctness is not appreciated by Pissed Consumer.

Everybody wants to add 'flash and excitement', kinda of like 'Breaking News' in the TV cable news channels.

100 words is required and I have achieved this now!

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On 9/1/12, I ordered a blue Nikon Coolpix camera online from Daxmart. Yesterday, they called me saying they only had the black camera in stock, the blue was on a 5 week back-order.

Luckily, they allowed me to cancel my order, but why did the website accept my order in the 1st place? Shouldn't it have said "on back order" in red letters when I made my selection?

That has been my experience with other retailers. Honestly, if I would've read the reviews before-hand, I would have never ordered from them in the first place.

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