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I phoned Daxmart's phone number and selected 1 (one) for the Sales and Product Information Departments to find out about a Canon SX60 HS camera that I was going to purchase. I asked the salesman a question about the camera and asked another question about it before purchasing. Before I even got the second question out, the salesman hung up on me. I would rather pay a little more money for this camera somewhere else rather than to buy it from... Read more

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I found great prices on the Daxmart site, but came here to check on them. I was looking up a Canon T5i body. By other reviews, this site looks very shady. There need to be better internet rules on disclosure if one is buying a real Canon camera, or a "Grey market" version. This link takes you to Daxmart's site rules, which buyer's must agree to prior to purchase. Note how they may record you on the phone, for their "safety", but how YOU... Read more

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What a terrible company! I placed an order during their Labor Day sale. A little over 2 weeks later, I become worried that I haven't received my camera. I call customer service and I'm greeted with a "hello?" How unprofessional. Anyways, he says he's unable to find my order in the system. Then he suddenly finds it and tells me they just received the item because it was "out of stock." It was in stock when I ordered and I never received any email... Read more

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I ordered the canon t6i from Daxmart and found the $400 and something nowhere did it say it was an overseas model but I had suspicion because of the price. I still ordered it after a few days my credit card was still not charged so I called them. The man was polite and told me it was an overseas model and if I wanted the US version it would be $700 and a few free extras. My card was charged right then and the US version was shipped to me. They... Read more

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I placed an order on Daxmart without realizing what scam artists they are. I went through a legit website and when it came time for the purchase, it was from Daxmart. I assumed since I went through a legit website that I could trust their "referral" to Daxmart. I placed the order and then wanted to change the color of the model I was buying only to be told that I was required to buy a battery and an SD card from them, for which they charge a... Read more

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I ordered a Nikon Coolpix P900 from Daxmart and paid for the camera, bag, SD card, lens protector, and some accessories. I received an online confirmation of the transaction. In a day or two I received an email stating that my order had been sent to the warehouse, and will be shipped shortly and if I had any questions to feel free to contact them and they would be glad to help. After several weeks I started to call them and got a runaround from... Read more

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I made an order of a Panasonic DMC-GH4 Mirrorless Micro Four Thirds Digital Camera for $799.00 on I received a call from them that the camera will cost $1299 if I want the U.S. model. I said that I do not want it if it cost more than $800. He then proceeded to ignore and talked as if I am ordering it. I calmly said I want to cancel my order. He ignored me again and said that the camera will cost me $1299. ENJOY YOUR CAMERA! I... Read more

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What a horrible feeling to know you have been taken advantage of. is a fraud and should be shut down. Why are they allowed to stay in business. BEWARE of Daxmart they are a FRAUD. Why does Canon - Nikon and other major brands allow them to use their products? They falsely advertise that you will receive additional discounts if you purchase within days or seconds then tell you that promotion is no longer available. They try to get... Read more

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Bad company. Avoid. Ordered camera on-line, looked like best price. Then, they called me back and asked if I really wanted that camera. I asked why? What is the problem? Then Daxmart guy pressed me to order the US version of the camera. Again, I asked why? Advertised price was for camera all in Japanese, all menus and controls in Japanese. Asked $200 more for US version of camera. The camera I ordered would have been useless to me. After a... Read more

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When searching for a specific camera, an ad showed up in my sidebar for that very camera at an unbelievably low price. American made, brand new -- for about $300 cheaper than anywhere else. I checked it out, then ordered it, paying with a card. I got a confirmation email, at the bottom it said this: This is only a confirmation of your internet order, it is not an Invoice, and does not constitute proof of sale, All Orders need to be Verified... Read more

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